BRC ビーアールシー 強化クラッチキット CB350
ヨシムラ モンキー 汎用 TM-MJN26キャブレター(本体のみ)
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2輪 アグラス ライトステー 品番:P043-6945 ホンダ CB1100 JAN:4548664238996

最安価格 送料無料 ブラック Adventure GS 800 F BMW スキッドプレート スライダー類 F800GSアドベンチャー アルトライダー-その他

スキッドプレート BMW F 800 GS Adventure

■Compatible with OEM center stand
■Compatible with OEM crash bars
■Can remain installed while changing oil filter
■Confirmed to fit with Givi crash bars
■Extremely lightweight Aluminum Construction no heavy steel
■Only design with radiused corners
■The original Corrugated design:Simple strong
■6 mounting points to distribute impact
■Easy to install; even the front nut is welded in place for you

Deflect debris with the AltRider Radiator Guard

No one wants rocks or road debris to slow down the ride. Thats why we designed the AltRider Radiator Guard for the BMW F 800 R for serious protection of your vulnerable radiator.

Made with 1/16 inch (1.5 mm) anodized aluminum it replaces the OEM guard for a heftier solution. Louevers deflect kicked up debris and we designed them to simultaneously direct air toward the radiator to keep it cool. The AltRider Radiator Guard attaches with OEM mount points and hardware and is the only guard currently available that utilizes the lower middle mount to provide increased strength and protection. Plus we made installation easy by making sure you wouldnt have to remove the body panels.

Were really proud of the design of this product. For safety and style install the AltRider BMW F 800 R radiator guard and keep riding.

Available in Silver and Black.

-During installation the two 1/4・non-adhesive bumpers will not make contact with the bike. These are for guarding the high temperature standoffs while preventing the guard from bending into the radiator during larger impacts/rock hits.



F 800 GS Adventure

サージェント トレーサー900・MT-09トレーサー シート関連パーツ ワールドスポーツ パフォーマンスシート(カーボンFX) フロントのみ G-062 Galaxy Blue

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送料無料 才谷屋 スカイウェイブ250 カウル・エアロ サイドアーマー 純正色マッドブラック
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